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Changes Remnants of riffs and doodles I'd been playing around with for years, trying to make something of them... and this is what came of it.
Not What It Seems It's about those days when nothing seems to be going quite right... everything just feels "off".
Collecting Pebbles Like many of my songs, it's about three minutes long... and about growing up, trading the magic of childhood for responsibility of adulthood.
Escape This was an attempt to change the feel of the song on the way through. I call it a relative success.
Execution This one is a bit dark. Imagine walking by the abandoned, neglected house at night, you hear noises from inside; you assume that it's teenagers playing around in there so you go to the window to find out.
Piropia Stands for Play It Right Or Play It Again. It increases speed steadily throughout it eliminating the ability to "loop" or copy/paste the performance. And it's also about growing up.
Hero Sappy, formula, predictable... hope ya like it!
Seventh Sign This one is about pretentious words that rhyme. If they didn't rhyme, this song wouldn't work as well.
Weekend It was originally written for Martha Stewart when she was on trial for insider trading. It was part of a whole suite of songs about her going to jail; this is about the time spent on the inside.
Give It Time My feeble attempt at mellow vocal jazz, which I don't like or listen to. Including my own!
They Go This is about commuter trains and those who ride them.
On My Way Second song I ever wrote, and an attempt at country, which I also don't like or listen to.
Footprints More jazz, kinda -- but this has some rather unpleasant narrative along with it. Now I'll listen.
The Chosen Some charismatic guy is invited to a (political, religious, etc.) rally that he isn't sure he's on board with, and due to his charismatic personality, is being pushed to be the leader.
Reason To Live Not "just about", but exactly three minutes long.
Dreams More about growing up. Seriously, do we HAVE to?
The Temple Think back to a unilateral decision. Was it right? Was it wrong? Was it right, but for the wrong reason? Was it wrong, but with good intent? Or bad intent?
Last Letter Home From another point of view, namely, the deceased.
Keep The World Fun tune with castles, knights, and horses. Good song idea, even if poorly executed.
I Say Hey Blues jam -- and not a very good one at that.
Mirror Pretentious epic starting with a funeral in a thunderstorm, then we hear from the dearly departed, and now we're back to the previously scheduled funeral.
Aimless I couldn't get any lyrics to work here, so it's instrumental, and a bit aimless.
Back to the Door Warning - Coarse Language To all the arrogant backstabbers out there... is this the life you really wanted?
Channel Surfing Slow, boring drone about slow, boring TV.
Day Trip Fluff, but kinda fun.
Day Won't Rhyme Everyone has had those days that just don't make sense.
End of the Road Party song.
Open Window Instrumental that reminded me of sounds from a city street.
High Times Goofy fluff, but my wife likes it.
Living on Memories An attempt at retro sound, not a complete failure, but not a real favorite either.
One So Low My first attempt at a guitar solo.
Play My Cards Another formula country song, even though it's lacking a pickup truck.
Stood Up Played mostly on mandolin, though not the average mandolin song.
That Night Written on Christmas eve, and you can really hear that Christmas spirit oozing through.
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